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Replacement of owner of a single – member limited liability company in accordance with current law

23/06/2021 20:25


     Replacement of owner of a single – member limited liability company is prevision business registration contents. When business want to change owner, enterprise have to submit application about prevision business registration contents at the department of planning and investment where it is headquartered
          * The order of execution
          Step 1: Preparation application according to the provision of law
          Step 2: Submitting the online file at address
          Step 3: After receiving the application, the Business Registration Office shall give a confirmation slip to the enterprise, examine the validity of documents, and issue the enterprise registration certificate to the enterprise.
          * The document including:
          - The application for prevision to enterprise registration information;
          - Copies of legal documents of the new owner
          - Documents proving completion of the transfer
          - The copy of the amended charter of the company
          - Business registration certification
          - Tax registration certification
          * The service of DAP law about replacement of owner of a single – member limited liability company
          - The customers provide information to DAP law
          - DAP law shall draft documents to follow customers request
          - Parties unify changes to enterprise registration information
          - DAP law shall customers’s representative perform the procedure with competent authorities
          - Sending result give customers

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