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Consulting procedure of enterprise registration?

18/06/2021 20:39

         Do you have demand registration establishment a new enterprise? What is the most suitable enterprise type? And there are many complex issues involving enterprise operation that need an answer. In order to have the entire sight about this issue, customers need support from lawyers.

Importance of lawyer with enterprise establishment:
      What is the lawyer help you?
          The first, consulting chose enterprise registration type that suitable with the desire of investors;
          The second, consulting about lawful rights and interests of the investors in the enterprise operation;
       Third, if you chose to establish the single-member limited liability companies, how your lawful rights and interests will guarantee?
         The fourth. If you chose to establish the mutil – member limited liability companies, how your lawful rights and interests will guarantee?
        The fifth, consulting and editing all documents for a cooperation agreement between investors to guarantee interests of parties, sustainable operation of the business;
          The sixth, representation perform all registration procedures of enterprise establish the competent authorities;
          The seventh, supporting for investors all procedures until when enterprise maybe legal operation.

     How is DAP law’s consulting service of enterprise establish?
       The company’s DAP law with the team of lawyer about enterprise field have been a lot of years of work experience and supported many new companies. When using consulting service of enterprise establish of DAP law, you will be:
          - Research about the confident, desire of customers;
          - Consulting the whole legal issues involving to preparing of enterprise establish;
          - Offering for customers the most optimal and suitable choice;
       - Editing the entire profiles, documents and representation to perform registration procedures of enterprise establish;
          - Consulting, editing and representation to perform the whole procedures award sublicenses;
          - Representation to perform the procedures: Company seal; bill… To the enterprise can lawful operation.
     How much is this service?
          When you contact DAP law, you will get a discount:
          - Free initial consultation by phone;
          - Free initial consultation by email, Zalo, Facebook…
          - Free the total costs of documents appraisal and direction consultation at the office.
          - Representation to perform the total enterprises establish process just from 2.500.000 dong.
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